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A Great Interest Shown to the mayor Topbaş from Tatarstan and Yakutia…

Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and President of UCLG, attended the Sabantoy celebrations in Tatarstan, and chaired the UCLG meeting in Yakutia.

Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and President of UCLG, attended the Sabantoy celebrations in Tatarstan, and chaired the UCLG meeting in Yakutia.

Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) and President of UCLG went to Kazan, the capital to Tatarstan as invited by the mayor Ilsur Metşin, and attended the Sabantoy (spring) Feast celebrations.  Warmly welcomed by the President of The Republic, the Mayor Kadir Topbaş watched the Sabantoy celebrations together with the hosts and Nikolai Patrushev, Russian Federation president of the Security Council. The Tatar people welcomed Kadir Topbaş warmly.

Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of The Republic gave a speech at the ceremony, and wished that Sabantoy had been used for centuries, brought happiness on all. Expressing that he was more than happy to host a very dear friend from Turkey, Rustam Minnikhanov continued his remarks as follows: "Kadir Topbaş joins us in our excitement. We celebrated the Sabantoy Feast in Istanbul a short time ago. İBB gave a great support to this event. We request dear Topbaş to take our greetings to Istanbul."

Expressing that he feels himself at home, Kadir Topbaş responded as follows: "When my dear brother Ilsur Metşin came to Istanbul, he invited me to Sabantoy events in Kazan. Accepting the invitation, I am now here. I have brought you greetings from Turkey. Thank you very much for your warm welcome and interest."

Ilsur Metşin, the Mayor of Kazan reflected as follows: "The Turkish world is rising thanks to you, and Istanbul has become one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  We feel proud to tell what you have done in Istanbul. We have a lot to learn from you.".

A Turkish Style Present to the Newly Wed Couple from Topbaş…

The Mayor Kadir Topbaş gave the newly-wed couple money while roaming in the city of Kazan. "This is the customs in Istanbul and Turkey", said he, and attached the money on the collar of the groom.  Topbaş had a souvenir photo taken with the young couple by the River Idil (Volga).

Borisov, the President of Yakutia: Guide us…”

The Mayor Kadir Topbaş went to Yakutsk, the capital to Yakutia (Saha) Republic after Tatarstan, and had talks with the President Yegor Borisov. Aysen Nikolayev, the Mayor of Yakutsk was also present.

Expressing that he was glad to have Kadir Topbaş, Yegor Borisov expressed that Yakutia was a rich country where precious metals such as gold, silver, ruby and diamonds are extracted, and he added that they wished to benefit from the experience and knowledge of Istanbul and Turkey on this.

Expressing that they are still learning the local government model, Borisov continued as follows: "We are very pleased to have you here. We need your support. Hopefully you will give any support needed by our mayor. Our teams can have reciprocal works, please guide us. Your businessmen may come and make investments here. We need all kinds of investments.".

Underlining that both İBB and UCLG are ready to give any support needed by Yakutia, the Mayor Kadir Topbaş remarked as follows: "Dear mayor and a team is invited to Istanbul. We will provide them information about our works, and will provide training to their teams. We are ready to collaborate for the good f our people and for establishing the world peace. He specified that he would contact the competent authorities regarding the President Yegor Borisov’s request that THY puts direct flights to and from Yakutia.

Afterwards, the Mayor Kadir Topbaş joined the dinner organised especially for him by Aysen Nikolayev, the Mayor of Yakutsk, and went to see MK Ammasov Federal University, and chaired the UCLG meeting there. Also visiting the Museum of Treasury, and attending the Isıah (Spring) Feast celebrations, Topbaş wore local clothes. The people that gathered to celebrate the feast welcomed Kadir Topbaş warmly.

Topbaş: “Local Administrations Burden The Most Important Duties in Development”

Giving an opening speech at UCLG Meeting on "the Formulate for Reciprocal Trust in the Urban Initiatives for Cities and People", the Mayor Kadir Topbaş expressed that he brought greetings from Istanbul to Yakutia, a twin country. Proudly holding office as the President of UCLG, which represents 4,5 billion people around the world, Kadir Topbaş specified that UCLG already began to take an active role in development targets of the UN, and continued as follows:

“In today's world, the destiny of all humanity is interconnected. We have to make contributions to the peace and future of the world that shrinks in line with globalisation. We all desire a prosperous world and our differences make us rich. Cities are crucial in today's world and 70 percent of the world population will begin to live in the cities in a near future. Therefore, safeguarding peace, welfare and safety in cities is the primary task and duty of local administrations.”

Reminding that the cities are hr centre of innovation and technology, the mayor Topbaş remarked as follows: "Urbanism is a sociological revolution. People will have self-development and contribute to the development of the city if they receive what they expect from the city itself. Technological advancements render cities more comfortable to live in, and as local administrations, we need to conduct works to ensure that the new comers accommodate themselves in city life. Municipalities are the solution partners of the governments to this end. Local administrations burden the most important duties in development of a country. Universities and non-governmental organisations apart from the local administrations should take part in the solutions as well. We have to offer people a set of services and opportunities, primarily the infrastructure related ones. Human beings do not forgive everything, for instance they would never forgive being ignored. Therefore we have to work recognising that each individual is precious."

Aysen Nikolayev, the Mayor of Yakutsk also spoke at the meeting and expressed that Kadir Topbaş upgraded the standards for Istanbul and for UCLG very much.